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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)

Break The Vanity

As per the Article-343 of Indian Constitution we have no National language (Rastria Vasa) but we have 2 official language Hindi & English. With help of electronic media & Mumbai Film industry we are habituate to enjoy the Hindi film & serial .That’s why we can communicate through Hindi yet we are illiterate in Hindi. Those who completely illiterate in India & they have their mother tongue if we ask them “Do you know any other language?” They will reply that yes we know Hindi. (They want to show themselves & unfortunately so many people (even some of them are teacher, reporters, anchors) nourish in them that Hindi is our Rastria Vasa)

There in Col-11 also coated that Enumerator can take maximum 2 as per their expertness. “Expertness” this mean s/he has the fundamental 4 skill of this language.
Expert define the person can understand the language after listening, Can easily communicate, can read the language, Can write the language. But here the dept. of census INDIA clearly explain that “if they can communicate” but that not mean expertness of any language.

As India is union of states and we know how much our child you & me also are suffering if you are out of Hindi circle (Boloy). To participate various central competitive exam your child have to learn & expend a lot (time) to know English. Whereas the people of Hindi circle enjoy their own.

So now it is time to change the statistics of Indian language. Be careful my dear …………………………about the Col-11 of Census-2011 Feb-08 –Feb-28.

Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji
15th Feb, 2011

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