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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)


Talking about life after death! What a fuss……We are proud about our knowledge, which have earned after activation of our sense organ in this world/earth
In a particular region because of language whenever we have to explain ourselves for
The whole world we have to use a common language for only a few literate communities
Otherwise the only way is “gesture”. It has some limit because it is the initial.
We can fly from this earth and we can send our satellite which can take autonomous picture of our geoids, we can imagine 10 billion kilometer from where we Can see the “solar system”, we can imagine 1 trillion km. from where we can see the sun, is like little star (twinkle). We can imagine 10 light-years km. from where we can’t see anything at the direction of our “solar system”, we can imagine 1 million light-year km.From where we can see the different “galaxy”……………………..then whereIs the end? How much we can imagine? Have there any limit…..?
Birth in this world means a death in another world. Before a child’s birth We can feel that a child is growing gradually in his/her mother womb. We can’t contact With them but can we say that the womb dwellers have no power to contacting with each other with their own language in their world (womb).
So death in our sense world is mean that we will be born for another world. We have not the ability to contact with them (those who has passed) so we hide ourselves in our knowledge.

Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji

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