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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)

Funny Accent

Some Arabian astonished to listen the Arabian accent in bangla talking in west Bengal. The Muslim of west Bengal arrange annually Milad Celebration to convey the authentic message of Aal Quran & about Hadis but when the expert of Islam explain
They use Bangla & use Arabic quotation . They say bangla with Arabic accent. Every language have its own origin accent. Now what should we follow? Where from the language origin or where I use & for whom & why? Let’s come & solve this confliction.

Now English is communicative (previously it was-second language) language in our country. We can easily communicate through English. So in India every state through the education system we help our child to learn English language. The teachers of various states mainly follow the accent of sometimes British & sometime U.S.A. If they are not then they are trying for these. Some among them also feel proud ness in secondary & in colleges that they are well equipped with the accent. Though the teachers of primary some are well equipped but they can’t use it because the child can’t understand. On the other hand in India maximum teachers of colleges & from secondary they always want to show how much they know & their standard through their accent.

People of England (mostly the educationist & language expert) enjoy it very much. But in reality when you asking the professors/ teachers to give a speech for the countrymen in public meetings for the interest of public or for other countrymen like Chinese /Japanese those who also use English as a communicative language the same teachers or professors change their style when they realize that ………….talking should be understandable rather than how much I am flattered.

If we follow the Indian politician those who represents India nationally & internationally some of them have their regional accent some of them try to follow the other when they talk English. The style of Pranab Mukherjee is is well accepted by the Chinese/Japanese & by almost every Indian. We the people of India never want to be Englishman but we want to use it as a communicative one, yes that’s all.

People of India once thought regionally why we use English but without it we can’t communicate in our own country also. People of India had taken English for political reason (colonial state). Now with this people enjoy & taste the globalization.
One day will come the British / U.S.A follows our style because the maximum talkers will give others country. We have to meet with each other not to show our standard but to share.

Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji
24th March 2011

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