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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)

How To Be A God (Happy Janmaasthame)

Once after expending the whole night with Srikrishna the Gopalinies(young ladies of Brindabon) started at the dawn for Durbasa (a monk) & they brought with them various milk product . On the way there was Ganga.Ganga was high tide. Gopalinies returned back to Krishna. Krishna said them “say to Ganga Srikrishna bitokame( freed from desires ) & Durbasa upobase( starvation).”
They again came to Ganga & said “Srikrishna bitokame( freed from desires ) & Durbasa upobase( starvation).”Ganga then & there made a path (way) to cross her. They attained Durbasha & he had eaten the entire milk product.
There after the Gopalini were returning home & on the way again they had to meet the Ganga & she was high tide.They requested her please “ma let us to go.” But she didn’t response.Again they came back to Durbasha. Listening all he said to say Ganga “Durbasa upabase( starvation) & Srikrishna bitakame( freed from desires ).”Gopalinies did these. Ganga made their way & they were astonished.

They had been gossiping for few days about these & the whole nagar aware about these. Some of them decided that they will meet with Krishna & asked him about this whole mystery. They did same. Firstly Krishna laughed & then explained. Though I expended the whole night with you but I always within in my mind & my mind was in my sprit so the all I had done that night could not touch me I was as usual like my sprit so I am bitokame(freed from desires) as like that though Durbasa had eaten the whole but nothing couldn’t touched him.

In every body we have sense organs, we have a mind, we have a life (Pran) & we have a sprit. When we can /able to control our sense organs we are called yogi. When we can bring our controlled sense organs in to our mind we are called as Sadhak.When the Sadhak can bring their mind in to their life (Pran) they are called as Maha purush(Great man) /Maha nare(Great woman).When the Maha Purush & Maha Nare can bring their life into sprit then they are called god/dess (Bhagaban/Bhagabatee).In this state some thimes our sprit are connected by the almighty then we can get various solution & idea. This connection is depending on Almighty. All the human sprits are the part of the Almighty so they obviously get several responses in their life time but in general people can’t recollect it. Those who maintain a particular life style & 1) controlling sense organ, 2) then mind, 3) then life, 4) then sprit that means they are prepared to make a continuous connection. Though the choice will be chosen only by Almighty.

Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji
22nd Augst 2011

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