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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)

I Am The Aged I am The Experienced!

In our society though we well-known that expert may come out from various age .Generosity never depend on the age but you must have face in your friend circle and in your home also that your unskilled (in few matters) father and sometimes your elder one claim “is my hair change in white in the open wind?” some are very clear and claim openly that yes “I am the aged so I am the experienced one” ok some other logic also available in our society that “experience depend on age because some company and in the news paper we regularly see that they need 3/4 /5 years experienced worker.

So in supporting age is not the mother of experience how do I break the logic? So come with me. Here it is an example for you in a company interview all the participants are eligible in respect to experience (working) but there are limited sit. So please clarify it “dose the company recruit all the participants? & extend the opportunity .What a nonsense job. Never!........ damned. They select among them comparatively though they all have working experience but they choose the experts.

So working for a long is not determining the experience. But it is real if any body in your friend, relative, colleague; blood related elder one claim that he/she is experienced more it is true in connection of sexual intercourse& various social matters like marriage, death & birth. Though it is also participation job & here age plays a vital role. In a class room, in your office, in your project, in the village meeting, in the interview, in teashop gossip, debate on political matters, system, policy, in criticism in every small job even your shaving also you will be expert if you participate properly. Please look back in your Life how long you stay without participating in matters. Ok you try but you can’t participate 100% & also it was bother job to you (isn’t it?), dream work is different .When you participate you will gather good experience. Once a man (young) was not connected with headphone in a busy rail way junction .An announcement delivered by the authority about coming train and immediately after he asked “what they say?”. It is happened several time in my life. So Experience depends on participation not in working longtime.

If you recall it is also happened in your life that you were traveled in you friend or relative house and you were new for that new environment but you had proofed that you were well-known among the dwellers when your aunt/aunty search any thing in that house. How do you look your surroundings? How much did you give importance your society? That is your observation. Experience depends on rate of observation.

Last of all is study. In your daily life you will see friends, colleague, household members, your co passengers all are talking about others and the problem of our life and Society, country very few among them control themselves and they before object any thing show the way how do we solve (yes solution, some time by their lifestyle) it .They some times are discouraged by their family “Why do you think others?” please think for your own. According to them every problem has a solution. They think about everything so they always smile. This is the study. More you study you will gather more experience.
……………………..Now please self announcer person be experienced .

Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji
30th March 2010

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