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My Language

                                          My Language
                   In this blue planet where ever we start or want to establish I think all agree with this yes human beings & various natural object come first. If we go through the holy Bible/ holy Quran they claim that the Almighty send the two but they didn’t clear it whether they have any language or not. Ha Ha Ha Ha you are clever & wise that’s why you very busy to find whether they have or not. It is very funny till today some people always busy to establish this language is from almighty etc. That’s are funny....................ok now come with me in reality that the object are come first then gradually we create our sound & use name for every object .Then gradually we create the sentence only to exposé our feelings thought & idea.
                 To convey our message for next generation & sharing with those who are not inform us we create letters & create the word in writing & then also the sentences’ That’s why in every language of the world though we can write the whole & share our views but there are so many limitations (regarding writing) that I mean in some cases we have to face various problem. As an example-
              There in every(from primitive age) society in this planet  have their own language (as they have their own religion).We say about “mother tongue is like breast feed” we also highlighted by the announcement of UNESCO IN 2008 that 21stFebruary is the “international mother language day” by a resolution. Before this there is a history that on 21 March Mohhamed Ali Jinah the Governor General of Pakistan declared that Urdu would be the only official language for both West and East Pakistan. The people of East Pakistan (Bangladesh), having mother language bangla started to protest against this. On 21 February 1952 students of Dakha called for a provincial strike. The government invoked a limited curfew to prevent this and the protests were tamed down so as to not break the curfew. The Pakistani police fired on the students despite these peaceful protests and a number of students were killed. Four of them were Aabdus Salam , Rafik Uddin Ahmed, Aabul Barkat and Aabdul Jabbar.
They fight for mother language & also it was given an institutional certificate by UNESCO.But how does it maintain in our society? This year in our state & so many other part of our country (India) & our neighbour & the whole world what is their look. We have our language as Bangla & we make various organizations to protect it & our outlook is like somebody & some people are like the thieves they will steal it or change it. We have to protect it protecting /maintain the language like a noble job (as protecting religion!!!!)  I am saying this a few days ago the Dhaka Supreme court ordered “radio and television channels authorities not to use distorted Bangla or foreign languages in Bangla broadcasts”. The order came following publication of an opinion piece "Bhasha dushon nodi dushoner motoi biddhongshi (language distortion is as devastating as river pollution)" in Bangla daily Prothom Alo. An experts' committee has been told to find ways to stop distortion of Bangla language in radio and TV programmes. The committee has to submit its recommendations to the court by March 20.
Astonishingly there are so many varieties in every language. As example in case of Bangla the people use different. In Poschimbonggo(west Bengal) the people say varieties as example---
The reality in our school the teachers always hate (in maximum cases) they make fun & gossip about this “chhir gos die vat khailoom”(sir today I eat meat) “abba pujor chada deine”(father doesn’t provide me the fee for Puja). Teachers are busy in our school to establish the unique one. They behave like soldiers that they are send in the villages to protect it& establish it. There is another strange case that the ST (SARDER/MUNDA etc) they have their own Sadubale. So what a language oppression!!!!
                People talk because they have to talk so when they talk their talking not depends on language that only depend on what are they  saying his/her idea/thought. Some people claim language has some category good /bad. No! My dears’ language has no quality you know when any writer wants to share about the story of tribal (that I mean tribal literature) s/he uses their language. So whenever you say something that doesn’t a matter what the language you use yes that’s the matter how do you use the language to expose you? Whether it is a mixture/fresh. Some people say by using unique language we can show our smartness. Actually smartness never depends on language. Smart we can say any people if they are well equipped in their job that I mean you know when your father/mother cooking in the kitchen she may be smart one only when s/he is well equipped in cooking. A tea shopkeeper/ a rickshaw puller /a farmer /a woodcutter/a carpenter/a blacksmith/a tailor all are smart only when they are well equipped in their work (that’s why we have an interest to observe others to do their work).Some people say some time we dressed well to show our smartness but my friend by dresses we only show our style. That is not smartness. Strange thing is whatever the smart people do in their life that is a style. Some time we make ourselves funny by copying other(by style).You are well equipped in any work and what you produce that will be style though sometime you have done that unconsciously.  Regarding Language we can say the smart those who can expose themselves properly with their own language (as example Lalu prosad Jadav) & some people play with the language & mix it, break it, yes! What’s the problem?
                When India was under the bondage of British then some people follow the style of British that I mean they use coat/pants/boots & try to use their language because that idea was produced in them that the britsh are more advance so if you follow their style & their language then you can get success. Strangely some people, some writer also in them they follow their style to establish themselves as like British. These people were called “Babu”.
They were failed because of their learning technique. They learn (actually not learn they had known the English) the English by the help of Bangla. That’s why they couldn’t think English. They copy the outlook but couldn’t enter it. Presently some people learn the English with help of English so people can think (that doesn’t mean they can’t think their mother tongue) in English/dream in English/bathe in English/eat English (now it is a good communication language). Now our people with their own dress that I mean in Lungi & Vest /or in share/Punjabi/Dhute can easily expose them for any international platform. These people when they share something they say their own habitat own culture. So they can easily establish their culture. Is not it??? Resultantly we have got Kiran Desai, Arundhute Roy, Jhumpa Lahere,Arvind Adiga, Amitava Gosh. I don’t advocate about that all Indian or all the people have to be English writer. It’s the reality that we never write & say any “language” we actually share our idea/thoughts. Some people are very conservative they are very care full about the tool (they are busy to establish the tool) but what the production comes out they (intentionally) are completely unaware about this. As an example some people are busy to know which cutter the carpenter use avoiding the creation. One more reality is this in this planet there so many languages & its play in human beings like a key some times it’s happen we can expose ourselves more strongly in different language rather than our mother tongue.
People are unconsciously realizing it that they can’t bring the language. That is the fundamentalist duty. People of India now use the language as their own.......now Indians follow their own accent rather than copying the British/USA. Yes! Why not? Ok there are some foolish till today in this 21st century. Ok you love their accent but when you are busy to establish it then you are busy as like fundamentalist. People of India now advocate saying
Poschimbonggo-Poschimbonggo not West Bengal
Bangla-Bangla not Bengali
English-English not Engraje
Thakur-Thakur not Tagore
Bangler Mukh-Banglermukh not Face of Bengal
     People in this 21st century will represent them not any language. We can expect more varieties in the languages as like also in religions. The people those who make organization for protecting language they are against of nature & naturalism. They establish their “mother tongue” which is not their own. Which they claim their own, that also comes after a great revolution. These people are Fundamentalist. In this 21stcentury we the people of this planet committed to produce more languages (or varieties) & religions (or varieties).                Md nasrujjaman sahaji 20th February 2012 mdnjs

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