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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)

Organized Child Labour

In west bengal all the undertaken primary schools are running without any sweeper or
allotment on sweeping .How do we send our child in primary school because there the teacher asks student to sweeps & to bell every hour. It was possible in “Buniadi” education system. Because we knew in the “Buniadi” system students were taught in every spares. Teachers helped the student to build themselves as a responsible, self depended, conservative in regarding own culture. There teachers were permitted to punish/rebuke/physical torture/mental torture to control discipline & make obedient for not only senior but also to country & its rules. According to them if any students are not controlled by stick then how will we expect that anti social control by gun?

There was some positive side. But education system is very dynamic it is changing day by day so now it is completely changed. In our India as per order of Supreme court no teacher can rebuke/or punish his/her students. Because punishment / any physical torture breaks the man value of child. Yes every teachers will agree with this. Now a question arise automatically how will the teachers control the discipline up to class-7 in Girls & Boys school. Another critical problem will arise in co-education school up to class-12.In the primary school if two or more student quarrel then child asks to their teacher to solve it. As per the rule if teacher deny the guardians will come to school and object how do we depend on your school? Here our child is not safe. So our govt. is very careful to protect the child from teachers but why don’t they allot a fund for sweeping /cleaning in the primary (F.P) school. Why does govt. enjoy & utilize the child labor indirectly?
Previously the maximum buildings were poor now with the help of “Sarba sikshya Mission” the buildings have improved. Every primary school has more than 4 rooms & the (maximum) teachers use the Childs hopelessly to clean it with their previous practice.
Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji
5th August 2010

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