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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)

"Rolling The Teachers"

Subject: Teacher should be transferred systematically in every
(1/2/3) years within a circle in the primary level and within
a subdivision in the secondary level.

In the primary & secondary sector some teacher are very energetic
they always working to change the society but some are
unenergetic so pupil and people are suffering of that
particular area.

If you look at the statistics of the “DROP OUT” you
will see that a area when affected then gradually it will
increasing( Cause of un energetic teacher).Some of them
are not satisfied with their adjective” backbone of our soc
iety " they want to do more than that for our society so they
perform as a political labor. They think that they work for a whole
so without any devotion and attaining classes they enjoy
their salary.
Energetic teacher have some problem in performing
their duties in area for a long, because as we know that
“Teachers are the backbone of our society” so they always
think and make or try to make our society in a accommodate
manner, there fore they have to face various problems with
the local leaders(Cause of aggressive political labor).Poli
ticaly enveloped teachers steal their duty hours by managing the
area with their political power.

1. Transfer(rolling) the teacher in every(1/2/3) year within
a circle in primary sector and within a sub-division in secondary

It will be very helpful not only for the students , inupdated area
but also the unenergetic teacher will face a environment which
Had been created by an energetic teacher, will encourage him/her
to grow up.( we know Karl Marks “ as Environment create Awareness
Also Awareness create Environment)

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