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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)

S.P & Religion

Sometimes I listened that some of us claim that our religion is the only one but your are not divine .Have you any proof? What is happening here? We all want
to establish that yes we are the best if you go through you will be facilitated
Physically, mentally .It is the demand by the real human lover group. After all
it is funny you know why ? you follow a life style & you praise it or yourself.
But some power also is working behind it for constructing administration
& their only goal is doing only business. All right it is not clear to you.
You know British ruled us for 200(including the Company) they make us as raw material producing country. They extort our labor .Beside it why they continue
their charity by opening Mission school and church. They knew if they
share their culture with us ,some of us will be convert by the facilities and also to enjoy the foreign power and freedom or different taste. It is true that copying any culture and practicing it, man changed automatically. Then these all those who changed will behave like them and will be a good supporter and be helpful for business. Sometimes these people are used not only by their skill but also their personal family life and even his/her life is used by the culprits or the power hunter. Recently you know after breaking the country IRAQ with the help of divide and rule policy some charity groups were automatically arrived to do so. Now it is the age of information people will know automatically what is good and what is bad. They also well-known about what the motto behind the charity works. So why do you aggressively fight in your dark false hood for implementing your life style. Create opportunity for your people to know the truth and honesty and duty for countrymen & country.

You may say it is as same as the question like “what should be the first
is egg before than hen or hen before the egg?” no my brother please
think deeply about in reality “is religion mother of society or society is
the mother of religion”. yes every one those who are well-known /practical they
support that society is the mother of religion .If you go back to the initial/primitive you will see that every primitive society have their own culture and their own unique life style .They worship in their own way .But when they see
others (in general ,not the culture creator) they share and(most of them)
agree to taste the new and add which s/he like with their own. Then they follow
a mix culture.. In every society anciently when they were not updated by
the other they have their own religion . Even if you observe the “Ongey”
worshiping the S.P(Supreme Power).It is their life style it is their
religion. So in this small world every society follow their own life style.
But we the people always think that if my neighbor follows my style
then it will be better. We always want to be major in percentage. So they invite their friends and brother even curious people for enjoyment and to make experiment practice various life styles. So what? You have to be clear that S.P is only one but there should different way/life styles/cultures regionally/religion. Why you people are counted by the religion /way/life styles of our(don’t know who was this rubbish identity creator)saprophytes government policy.
Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji
March 2010

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