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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)


No-1 Today is 63rd republic day. We are proud to be Indian. In 1950, 26th January we establish our constitution. Previously we were dominated by British. They use the footpath to walk but when we used they beat us. Then our leader Mahatma Ghandhi thought how we remove our people from this bondage. We get our country & you know B.R Ambedkar had written this. So we are proud to be Indian. Now we show our respect by making silence 1 minute. Let’s start. Tic toc tic tock......... Ok it has done. No-2 Today is our republic day. I feel proud that I am Indian. We have a large constitution. We should respect it. There were 8 schedules & 395 articles in our constitution. Now it has 12 schedules & 4 .(I can’t recall) There in the constitution making body was a wise person BR Ambedkar . He wrote our constitution. We implement it in 1950 26th January. So today we celebrate Republic day. We have to respect our constitution. We have to be dutiful to our country. Like this today we arrange blood donation camp & eye check up champ. You will participate & show your duty. No-3 This is our Republic day. In 1950, 26th January we got our constitution we got our freedom & constitution by a continuous fighting. Now we worship them by flower. Remember we have to make us like the great personality. They sacrifice their life. We have to sacrifice our time if it is necessary to sacrifice our life we have to do this. Today we arrange a athletic game you will show your spirit. Etc etc etc etc. (maximum people say about the constitution on information base.) Above all is the republic speech of the schools, market union, labour union, teachers union & govt. registered club yard. Yes we are proud that we are living being but unfortunately the maximum Indian have no conception about the Republic Day. In our state west Bengal (Poscimbonggo) the registered club this day organise games, picnic............ It’s a shame that we have the power full media (under the information& broadcasting Ministry) & education system but we can’t help our people to know what it is. Md Nasrujjaman sahaji 26th January,2012

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