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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)


If anyone says "I have no intention to get anything'- s/he has died' , so as per the appearance of human (mentally healthy) beings want to be successful. It is not so easy… what do you want, are you going to be a cause of jealousy, are you going to be a symbol of relaxation, are you going to dominate others, are you going to be the richest one, are you going to be a respectable one of your region or for the
whole world, are you going to taste the whole female / male world. Please stop here. It
is difficult better to say that as our vision we measure that the man/woman is
successful but s/he who had achieved, is not satisfied ……so now what your logic…..is
More or less you have an aim and you want to acquire it, isn't it? So you jump and get it, is it possible?
Now listen firstly you have to prepare for character because it is the factor which bring
Our determination, secondly you have to maintain the discipline of a particular lifestyle (Religion)Because it is the constitutions it will guide you till your death, thirdly your work if you maintain the previous two, your all done will bring to other as good and ………to you!!!!!! And obviously you will get a reward if not brother and sister it is a recycle matter “character>religion>good work>good luck”

it is rolling many times in the successful man/woman’s life after a long rolling they get the success and the
failure always see the result they always unaware about the stages.

                                                                                                                6th Feb, 2010
                                                                                                                                    1st edit 14 th March,2014