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Nasrujjaman (aapelo)


     “child & human beings (male/female/other) of this planet or from outside are unique in quality & same in biological ornaments. We decide& classified. Allocations are available we make the false crisis to administrate....................maximum people are back boneless,dependent, and lazy & enjoy the bondage rather than freedom".................nasrujjaman, Jan21, 2012,20:15ist

     “Suicides are braver choice" nasrujjaman sahaji 30 Jan, 2012, 01:30 IST

    “Whatever you think that will be happen” nasrujjaman sahaji 2 February 2008, 03:35 IST

       “Whom do we believe is important rather than how do we believe.” nasrujjaman sahaji 28 Jan 2012, 20:11 IST www.mdnjs.blogspot.com

     “You should read how rather than why/what.” nasrujjaman sahaji 3 February 2012, 20:15 IST

   “Students are not container” nasrujjaman sahaji ,22nd January 2012. 11:43 IST

  “Teaching is like offering the key & helps to drive but offering your back & bringing the students is driving not teaching” nasrujjaman sahaji 2 March 2008, 07:54

      “What should we examine how much they bring at a time or his/her conception regarding the subject”

.....on Indian education& recruitment system nasrujjaman sahaji 19 jan 2012, 16:04 IST
Less You Show your business, your business will grow up more. Nasrujjaman, 19 January 2012, 1140IST www.mdnjs.blogspot.com

  “If you feel you will cry but if you think you will smile.” nasrujjaman, in 1999

“You are very busy to represent your habitat & culture but when you lose yourself then you will find your own culture & creation” nasrujjaman , 9 February , 2012,02:09 IST
“If you lose, you will find yourself”..... 9 February, 2012,02:09 IST,www.mdnjs.blogspot.com
Religions are lifestyle. Taste the whole. Enjoy your life. Your Establishment is more important rather than your
(their) “Lifestyle”. Feel your backbone don’t give them opportunity to use you as a soldier/prisoner. nasrujjaman, March2010, topicS.P & Religion www.mdnjs.blogspot.com (http://www.mdnjs.blogspot.com/)
Little learning is the precious beginning. 7/10/14